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Toaster Central goes Wide Slot
with the newly made Polytron toaster

Made in America Toaster

Emily in Staten Island bought this model toaster and wrote Absolutely LOVE my toaster! A perfectly brown and chewy Murray's bagel this morning!

Colette in Bristol, Vermont bought this model toaster and wrote After several months of use, we are more than pleased with the quality of this appliance. We eat toast almost everyday and toast a variety of breads. Each piece of toast is hot and crisp on the outside and retains a warm moist texture on the inside. I had forgotten how good real toast could be. No more pain from scraping your palate with toasted shingles from inferior products. The toaster is heavy duty and has a commercial feel and look but I would rather have a great piece of toast than a good looking toaster that has to be replaced often and renders a brick hard piece of toast. I would highly recommend this product.

Since 1998, Toaster Central is the place to find and buy vintage and collectible kitchen appliances by Sunbeam, Toastmaster, Dominion, Kenmore, Arvin, Westinghouse, General Electric, Manning-Bowman, Universal and other makers from the Golden Age of chrome and bakelite.

Browse these pages to find the toaster or waffle iron that your grandmother used -- or the one that will look great on your kitchen counter.

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