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Restored American Electric Waffle Irons
Quality of lasting value

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Low and sleek Westinghouse design makes a seven inch waffle

Westinghouse Waffle Iron from the 1940s - Low Profile

The earliest electric waffle irons were mounted on long legs and later designs evolved into a pedestal arrangement, but by the 1940s, engineers produced this compressed design that fits the whole affair into a very low and sleek profile. This non-automatic model measures eleven inches across and makes a full-size seven inch waffle, but is only three and a half inches high.

It is chrome plated with brown Bakelite handles. A facsimile of the original instruction booklet is included along with a detachable cord set and a slew of recipes.

Westinghouse Low Profile
115 volts 600 Watts Made in U.S.A.
Westinghouse Electric Mfg. Co.
Mansfield Works, Mansfield, Ohio, USA

Shipping weight: 8 Lbs.


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Landers, Frary & Clark Waffle Iron With Hexagonal Domed Lid

First produced in the late 1920s this non-automatic model with a pierced pedestal and ivory colored Catalin plastic fittings is topped by an ornate design pressed into the hexagonal domed lid. It makes a 7 inch diameter waffle.

This one is in very good condition and comes with a detachable cord set. Given some care and respect, this waffle iron is ready and able to turn out beautifully baked waffles for generations to come.

Landers Frary & Clark, New Britain Conn. USA
Universal-The trade mark known in every home.
Model E7324H 117-120 volts, 660 watts

Shipping weight 9 Lbs.

$225 in excellent condition (as shown)
$295 in mint condition

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Stunning hexagonal domed lid with ornate design

The Original Strite Waffle Baker

The Waffle-Master, circa 1930-1935

Patented by Charles P. Strite, this is the first waffle iron produced for home use by Toastmaster circa 1930. It is amazingly automatic, with a huge ruby jewel indicator light, a sturdy ticking clock, and adjustment for how soft or crisp you want your waffles.

To operate the waffle iron, one sets the adjustment for soft/crisp, then cocks the lever on the right all the way to the left into a slot where it is "heating up" mode and the ruby jewel glows brightly. When it reaches operating temperature, the lever resets and the ruby jewel dims; then add the batter and cock the lever again, then forget it. The clockworks timer starts ticking until the waffle is done; then the waffle iron automatically switches into 'warm' mode.

This waffle iron weighs about eight pounds! Now about 80 years old, it is in decent cosmetic shape except for the lid which shows the usual minor dents scuffs and plating loss. The cord is permanently attached. It even has the original overflow ring that surrounds the grids which is usually missing.

We include complete instructions for operating this machine, instructions for seasoning the grids, tips for making waffles successfully, recipes, and a facsimile of the original Owner's Manual.

Waffle-Master, A Toastmaster Product
Model 2C1 Mfd. by Water-Genter Co. Mlps, U.S.A.
115V 800W

Shipping weight: 12 pounds


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Other Non-Automatic Waffle Irons

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