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Restored American Electric Waffle Irons
Quality of lasting value

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Hotpoint 1930s "Lancaster"

In the early 1930s General Electric most likely commissioned the stylists at Manning-Bowman who were noted for their stunning Art Deco creations, to create the Model 119Y180. Many design features and parts on this and other GE models of this period are identical to those found on Manning-Bowman models. View larger picture.

During the early depression years GE's "Lancaster" Model was priced significantly lower than comparable Manning-Bowman models even though it was built to the same high quality Manning-Bowman standards. As a consequence The Lancaster became quite popular with cost conscious depression era shoppers and was a great sales success for GE.

This classic Art Deco styled non-automatic iron comes with rich looking butterscotch Bakelite handles and a large easy to read temperature gauge located in the lid. The Lancaster Model produces 6½ inch round and thick waffles with large square dimples (some refer to them as a Belgium-type waffle). This example is in excellent condition and comes with a detachable cord set.

General Electric Co. "Hotpoint"

Bridgeport, Conn., Ontario, CA.
Catalog # 119Y180 Volts 115 Watts 660

$120 in excellent condition (as shown)
$185 in mint condition

Purchase Information
The Lancaster

Made in Milwaukee, U.S.A.

Late 1920s White Enamel Pedestal Waffle Iron

This waffle iron is made from steel of a heavier gauge than usual, and the same goes for the grids -- they are extra heavy. The finish is a fired enamel. All these qualities attest to the identity of its maker: the Estate Stove Company of Hamilton, Ohio.

It measures 6 inches high and 11 inches across the handles. It bakes a full size 7 inch waffle. It sits atop an pedestal with chromium plating and the banding is polished aluminum. The handles are turned wood with black enamel. It has a permanently attached cord with the deluxe feature of an inline switch to turn it on and off. (Notice the small chip to the rim of the base, just to the left of the cord.)

It is in excellent condition with the only flaw being the chip mentioned above. This is a very high quality piece.

Estate Stove Co.
110 Volts 5 Amps.
Hamilton, Ohio

Shipping Weight: 12 lbs


Purchase Information

Early Universal Waffle Iron

Although this waffle iron is 80 years old it is still a superb performer even by modern standards, suitable for making endless waffles which are the perfect size for re-heating in a toaster. The grill area measures 7.75 inches x 4.25 inches. The tray measures 8 inches x 11 inches. It comes with a cord set with twin plugs.

At one time, Landers, Frary & clark was the most well known household goods manufacturer in the world, beginning in New England in the 1840s and was one of the first manufacturers to produce electrical goods including a practical electric waffle iron.

This third model, produced from about 1925 to 1930 has heating elements that were later deemed too high a quality for a non-commercial appliance, and later models were designed with less robust elements.

The body and tray are made from sheet brass, the legs are turned from solid brass rod, then nickel-plated and polished. The cooking grids are cast from aluminum impregnated with paraffin and were advertised as "never needing greasing." Whatever the claim, we suggest that before you use your iron you season the grids. Complete seasoning instructions & recipes are included. It is in excellent condition with minor cosmetic flaws on the tray.

Universal The Trade Mark Known In Every Home
Landers, Frary & Clark New Britain, Conn. U.S.A.
Volts 108/116 Watts 660

Shipping weight 9 Lbs.


Purchase Information

Rob in Modesto bought this model waffle iron (and a toaster) and wrote to say "I ship and receive vintage glow in the dark radios and the first indication I get of quality restoration is the care in the post and packing. Thanks for the outstanding wrapping and packaging of the waffle iron and toaster! The included magazine adds and operating instructions were a gracious addition. Apparently many vintage electrical appliances of the early twentieth century in original operating condition work splendidly and look elegant. These certainly do!"
It means business!
Makes superb waffles

Waffle Iron made in the U.S.A.

Anna in Sierra Vista, Arizona bought this model waffle iron as a gift to her mom in Lynchburg, Virginia and wrote to say My mom recieved the waffle iron and is really enjoying it. All she could keep saying was, "Anna, this waffle iron is from the 1920's!" She really appreciated the instructions you sent along with the waffle iron as well. Funny story: Last Christmas my mom said that one cannot buy an American Made waffle iron. I took this as a challenge, so everytime I was in a store with Waffle Irons I would look. Unfortunately she was right. So I found your site online and thought it would be a perfect gift for my Mom. Thanks again.

Landers 1920s Dome Top with Pierced Pedestal Base

Made from the mid to late 1920s, this waffle iron features nickel plating and an appealing pedestal base with pierced openwork worthy of the "Roaring '20s". It is pictured in a catalog from that time.

It is non-automatic with very heavy duty heating elements, exceeding today's commercial quality. The sturdy handles are black enamel over turned wood. The pedestal design keeps the base pleasantly cool to the touch.

In very good condition, this one comes with a detachable cord set.

Daniel in Dublin Ireland bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say I am very pleased with my purchase. I am very minimalistic with my Snaidero Italian kitchen, I don't like appliances in view. The vintage waffle iron, being the exception, looks amazing sitting there in the modern design, love it! The waffles coming out of the iron are fantastic, thanks to your cooking instructions included. So far I have only used the Simple Waffle Recipe", when I get some time I will venture something a bit more exotic.

Landers 1920s Dome Top
Landers, Frary & Clark Company
New Britain Conn. Made in U.S.A. 660 watts

Shipping weight: 8 Lbs.


Purchase Information

Landers, Frary & Clark Waffle Iron With Hexagonal Domed Lid

First produced in the late 1920s this non-automatic model with a pierced pedestal and ivory colored Catalin plastic fittings is topped by an ornate design pressed into the hexagonal domed lid. It makes a 7 inch diameter waffle.

This one is in very good condition and comes with a detachable cord set. Given some care and respect, this waffle iron is ready and able to turn out beautifully baked waffles for generations to come.

Landers Frary & Clark, New Britain Conn. USA
Universal-The trade mark known in every home.
Model E7324H 117-120 volts, 660 watts

Shipping weight 9 Lbs.

$225 in excellent condition (as shown)
$295 in mint condition

Purchase Information
Stunning hexagonal domed lid with ornate design

Edison Automatic with Big Handle

In 1931 General Electric put a thermostat into a waffle iron and created its first automatic waffle baker, and priced it at the top of GE's line of waffle bakers, selling to the carriage trade as luxury goods, much more than depression era shoppers could afford. Not too many were sold in the first place, and very few survive in this condition.

It is fitted with scalloped side handles of ivory Bakelite with a lid handle of ivory enamel over wood.

It's a ground breaking model because the engineers preset the operating temperature and sealed the thermostat inside the unit. To reassure those 1930s buyers suspicious of or unaccustomed to automatic appliances the designers also put a temperature indicator in the lid.

The waffle iron is in excellent condition. It has been refurbished and re-calibrated and tested. It comes with a detachable cord set.

Edison Automatic with Big Handle
Edison General Electric Appliance Company Inc.
Chicago, Ill., Ontario, Calif.
115 V 660 W For Alternating Current

Shipping weight 9 Lbs.


Purchase Information

Hotpoint Lancaster Automatic Waffle Iron

Most likely General Electric commissioned the top-notch stylists at Manning-Bowman, noted for their stunning Art Deco creations, to design this model branded Hotpoint. Many of its features and parts are identical to those found on Manning-Bowman models.

From the early depression years this Lancaster model was priced significantly lower than comparable machines from Manning-Bowman even though it was built to the same high quality Manning-Bowman standards, hence it was a popular success in the market.

The classy, sleek case is fitted with butterscotch Bakelite handles, black accent paint, and a temperature control knob is mounted on the front. It produces a 6½ inch round waffle with dimples slightly larger than average. When the waffle iron has heated up to baking temperature, the glass jewel in the lid stops glowing and it is time to add the batter.

Hotpoint Lancaster Automatic Waffle Iron
General Electric
Bridgeport, Conn., Ontario, CA.
Volts 115 Watts 660

Shipping weight 9 Lbs.

$120 in excellent condition (as shown but SOLD)
$150 in mint condition

Purchase Information
The Lancaster Automatic

The Original Strite Waffle Baker

The Waffle-Master, circa 1930-1935

Patented by Charles P. Strite, this is the first waffle iron produced for home use by Toastmaster circa 1930. It is amazingly automatic, with a huge ruby jewel indicator light, a sturdy ticking clock, and adjustment for how soft or crisp you want your waffles.

To operate the waffle iron, one sets the adjustment for soft/crisp, then cocks the lever on the right all the way to the left into a slot where it is "heating up" mode and the ruby jewel glows brightly. When it reaches operating temperature, the lever resets and the ruby jewel dims; then add the batter and cock the lever again, then forget it. The clockworks timer starts ticking until the waffle is done; then the waffle iron automatically switches into 'warm' mode.

This waffle iron weighs about eight pounds! Now about 80 years old, it is in decent cosmetic shape except for the lid which shows the usual minor dents scuffs and plating loss. The cord is permanently attached. It even has the original overflow ring that surrounds the grids which is usually missing.

We include complete instructions for operating this machine, instructions for seasoning the grids, tips for making waffles successfully, recipes, and a facsimile of the original Owner's Manual.

Waffle-Master, A Toastmaster Product
Model 2C1 Mfd. by Water-Genter Co. Mlps, U.S.A.
115V 800W

Shipping weight: 12 pounds


Purchase Information

Toastmaster Waffle Baker late 1930s

Manufactured for only five years in the late 1930s, this superbly engineered, near commercial quality waffle iron was like a twelve cylinder Pierce Arrow -- absolutely top drawer. Not many people could afford them, so not many were made, and they are quite scarce today. So, it is a rare treat for us to offer one for sale. Back then Uncle Hank presented one as a gift.

This model has one of the most accurate sensitive temperature controllers ever put into a waffle iron. In fact it proved so reliable that the company continued to use it for another 20 years in the later 2D2 model. If your looking for minimalist post war styling choose the 2D2 on the first page, but if you want classic 1930s Art Deco styling the 2D1 is the waffle iron for you.

This model has an easy to manipulate temperature control knob and a large red jewel indicator that is easily visible in the brightest kitchen. This iron makes a full size 7 inch diameter waffle. This model was sold with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

This low mileage piece is in very good condition with a repair to one side handle.

Manufactured by McGraw Electric Company
Toastmaster Products Division
Minneapolis, Minn. U.S.A.
V-115 W-750 Model 2D1

Shipping weight 10 Lbs.


Purchase Information
Superb Styling, Solid Quality

Felicia and Fred in Spencer, New York bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say I just wanted to let you know that the Toastmaster arrived and today we made our first batch of waffle awesomeness. We were on track to buy a commercial waffle maker when I stumbled across your site. As it happens, I'm an artist and my partner is an engineer. Our combined standards tend to be impossibly high, and it's a rare delight to have them met. As the engineer says: this waffle maker was designed before they put a man on the moon. After nearly 100 years of engineering "progress" what we've got to show for it is Facebook and crappy waffle irons. And as the artist says: Gorgeous!!! Thank you for providing such a fantastic service!

David in New Orleans bought this model waffle iron and wrote to say The 2D1 arrived on Friday in beautiful shape. I seasoned it and made a batch of waffles yesterday. It heated up quickly and cooks perfect waffles with absolutely no sticking. It is hard to imagine that from a 70 year-old machine! Thanks.

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