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Restored American Waffle Irons

Combination grills, griddles and twin waffle irons

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If this were a car, it would be a Buick loaded with chrome.

Arvin Lectric Cook

This fully automatic Arvin combination waffle iron, sandwich grill, and open griddle was built in the early 1950s, and advertised at the Lectric Cook. It is substantial as a '53 Buick. One wonders if the designers at Arvin borrowed the hood ornament design from Buick as the large, rich looking, brown Bakelite lid handle on this beast.

First it is a waffle iron which produces a large nine inch square waffle which easily breaks into quarters for four servings.

Next, the waffle iron grids are removable to expose stationary flat grilling surfaces, so you've got a sandwich grill or panini press to prepare grilled ruben or tuna melt sandwiches. And, the lid hinges are built to expand automatically for extra-thick sandwiches.

And, finally, it opens up completely to provide a cooking area of 162 square inches -- enough space to make eight substantial flapjacks or the same number of hamburgers. The wide stance base makes this the most stable large combination unit we have ever found.

The temperature control knob is easy to read, located in a large Bakelite handle.

This one looks like nearly new, and it is in tip top operating condition and ready for many years of service. And, it's not made in China. Outside dimensions including handles are thirteen inches square and five inches high.

Arvin Lectric Cook
Arvin Industries Inc. Columbus, Ind. U.S.A.
Arvin Model 3550 110-120 volts 1320 watts
Use on alternating current only Serial No. 442

Shipping weight: 16 pounds


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Westinghouse Sandwich Grill
and Waffle Baker

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, when a Chevrolet had a new look and televisions had round screens, the baby boom was well under way and millions of American families were growing with three, four and five children, and more on the way. With that many hungry mouths to feed, Westinghouse sold this heavy duty model as an automatic sandwich grill that came with accessory waffle grids.

This hunk of chrome measures 14 inches across and makes a waffle approximately 10 inches by 10 inches. The black Bakelite handles are wonderfully sculpted into a leaf motif.

The sandwich grill can be used with the lid closed or when the lid is fully opened, the unit converts into a grill large enough to make up to eight flapjacks at once.

The flat grill plates can be removed, the accessory waffle grids installed for making king size waffles.

This piece is like new, in blemish free condition includes the grilling flats, the accessory waffle grids with their carton. Of course, we include our instructions for seasoning the grids before making waffles the first time, tips for successful waffle baking, and a variety of waffle recipes. This one is good enough to be given as a wedding or anniversary gift.

Westinghouse Sandwich Grill & Waffle Baker
Mansfield, Ohio Made in USA
115 v. 1200 w. Alternating Current Only

Shipping weight 16 Lbs.


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Ward and June Cleaver got one of these to feed Wally and The Beaver.

Jill in Irving, Texas bought this waffle iron (and also a Sunbeam) wrote to say Thank you so much for the beautiful waffle irons. We are simply delighted. They both look brand new and make wonderful waffles. We gave the westinghouse to my son and and his family, and they love it, too. They both arrived in plenty of time for Christmas and the packing was amazing. So glad we found you and Happy New Year! (Hope they are moving that snow off your streets.) And oh, yes, my mother is just thrilled to have her old waffle iron come to life!

Fully Automatic Electric Waffle Iron Made in U.S.A.

Manning-Bowman Automatic Twin Waffle Iron

This deluxe waffle iron is automatic; it has a knob to turn which sets the maximum high temperature. For waffles that are light golden in color and soft and tender, use a lower temperature; and for a crisp waffle darker in color, use a higher temperature.

With ivory colored fittings, this model employs a heavy duty thermostat It makes rectangular waffles that measure 4.5 x 5 inches.

It is in excellent condition and comes with a detachable cord set, seasoning instructions, recipes and tips for making waffles successfully.

Made by Manning Bowman & Co.
Meriden, Conn. U.S.A.
Cat. No. 2626 Volts 110-120 Watts 600

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.


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"Twin-O-Matic" Waffle Iron

Double your Fun

Here's a stunning design from sixty-odd years ago that looks like sculpture -- just to make two waffles! It was the envy of every bride.

Industrial designer Karl Ratliff created this marvelous hunk of bakelite and chrome in time to be introduced at the 1939 New York World's Fair and Manning-Bowman & Company manufactured this type of rotating waffle iron for at least a dozen years.

The sweeping support arms are mounted on an eleven inch diameter base. Resting in its cradle, the waffle grids rotate from one side to the other to produce two 6 1/2 inch waffles that are thicker than average with very large dimples. It has a thermostatic temperature control with a dial type temperature indicator.

This one is in very good condition, fully rebuilt with new wiring and comes with a detachable cord set, instructions for seasoning the grids and some excellent recipes. This appliance is certainly a trophy for anyone's kitchen and a decorator's dream.

Made by Manning-Bowman & Company
Meriden, Conn. U.S. America
Volts 110-120 Watts 1000
Use Alternating Current Only

Shipping weight: 14 Lbs.


Purchase Information
Introduced at the 1939 World's Fair in New York

Dominion Automatic Twin Waffle Iron

Twin units were all the rage in the late 1930s and this Dominion model is a top of the line example.

Most twin models were not automatic, and the few that were automatic usually had only one thermostat to control both cooking units. Dominion went the extra mile with this model and put two independently adjustable thermostats in it, one for each cooking unit. Now each member of the family can have his or her waffle baked to their particular choosing and at the same time.

This model is chrome plated and has solid walnut handles. It measures approximately 9 X 15 inches. Each cooking unit produces a generously large six inch diameter waffle.

This example was used very little and is in excellent condition. We've taken it apart, replaced the original wiring, checked all the hardware for corrosion, and put it into better than new condition. It comes with the original cord set covered in woven cotton.

We also have the non-automatic version, the Dominion Made-Rite which looks the same except for lack of temperature control levers; it is also in excellent condition.

Dominion Electric Corporation
Mansfield, Ohio USA
Watts 800 Volts 110-120 A.C. Only

Shipping weight: 11 pounds

$235 (as shown)
$160 for the non-automatic version

Purchase Information
The deluxe model is automatic with two thermostats.

Cabuchon Jewels and Walnut fittings

The Brunchmaster

This vintage twin waffle iron is set on a chrome plated deck which measures approximately seven inches by fifteen inches. The handles and side rails are in walnut. The cabuchon jewel set in each lid functions as a signal light -- quite unusual to have one for each side. Bravo to the good people at Excel Inc. in Chicago. Made in the U.S.A. This model has a permanently attached cord.

This waffle iron is automatic with a sensitive, sealed thermostat controlled by a knob on the tray. Each unit makes a waffle approximately four and a half inches by five and a half inches. Because of its size and rectangular shape, waffles from this iron are ideal for re-heating in a toaster.

This waffle iron has been disassembled, cleaned, internal wiring inspected and replaced where necessary, then reassembled, calibrated, polished and tested. It is in very good condition and suitable for occasional use.

Brunchmaster Model W-50
An Electro-Craft Product
Mfg. by Excel Inc. Chicago, USA.
110-120 V. AC only 575 W.

Shipping weight: 9 Lbs.


Purchase Information

General Electric Twin Waffle Iron

General Electric made a considerable number of this model, with triple-chrome plating and Texolite handles, from the late 1930s until the outbreak of WWII. It is an attractive, easy to use, compact model that measures just 9 inches by 14 inches. Each lid has an incised design, and each lid handle has a temperature indicator.

This twin model makes a pair of waffles measuring 4.5 by 5 inches, the perfect size for re-heating in a toaster for a quick treat.

This example is in very good condition and comes with a detachable cord set, seasoning instructions, recipes and tips for making waffles successfully.

General Electric Company
Bridgeport, Conn. Ontario, Calif.
Cat. No. 119W8 Volts 115 Watts 660

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.


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Toastmaster Commercial Automatic Double Waffle Iron

Danger: viewing this listing causes awful appliance lust. It can be dangerous to your marriage.

It measures 20 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 7 inches high. It simultaneously produces one or two waffles seven inches in diameter. Each side has a separate set of controls.

It operates on household current with a grounded receptacle, even though it is engineered for continuous use in a commercial setting.

The heavy steel body is finished in highly polished chromium plating. And, it sports a pair of fetching ruby red jewels, one for the left and one for the right. One side can be operated independingly of the other side.

The grids are very high quality cast aluminum, the best material for even and quick distribution of heat.

It wears rubber foot pads and has a permanently attached three foot cord with a grounded plug.

We've had it apart, amazed at the machine work, engineering and quality of construction. All fittings are snug and tight and it's been tested and passes with flying colors.

Ideal for a restaurant or snack shop, a firehouse, church or charitable group, or someone with a large kitchen with plenty of counter top or storage space, the gleaming chrome fits perfectly in a stainless steel kitchen with commercial appliances.

Toastmaster Double Automatic Commercial Waffle Iron
Manufactured by Food Equipment Division
McGraw-Edison Co. Algonquin, IL.
115 volts, 1650 watts.

Shipping weight: 30 lbs.


Purchase Information
Superb Commercial Waffle Iron from Toastmaster

Steve in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania bought this waffle iron and wrote to say I am emailing to let you know the Toastmaster waffle iron is fantastic! My family loves it! My wife cannot believe it is from the 40's/50's as she keeps saying it looks brand new. The waffles we made this morning cooked quickly and came out perfectly. The kids devoured them! My family greatly appreciates your personalized customer service, time and focus on quality. This waffle iron will be cherished in my family for generations. Thanks again and keep up the wonderful work! We will be recommending you to other people.

Commercial Waffle Iron with Silverstone grids

Nemco Commercial Automatic Double Waffle Iron

Nemco sells restaurant equipment and is still in business today. This commercial waffle iron was made forty or fifty years ago before the new 'digital' models on the market by the same manufacturer.

It has twin grids, a stainless steel shell, and Silverstone coated grids. The thermostats are preset. Each side has separate illuminated power switch and mechanical timer that rings a bell, but is not connected to the electrics, so it is just a reminder. It measures approximately 12 deep X 19 wide X 6 high.

This is very low mileage in excellent condition. This would be perfect for a bed and breakfast, fire house, or for a large family fond of waffles.

Nemco Double Automatic Commercial Waffle Iron
Nemco Incorporated Hicksville, OH
120 volts (No wattage listed)

Shipping weight: 28 lbs.


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