Stove Top Toasters and Brustolina
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Non Electric Stove Top Toasters

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From the famous Androck Company

The Krispy Toaster

Made by the great American housewares company Androck, this is a generously sized toaster about ten inches across. It has a retractable handle that pulls out from under the toaster. It is nicely signed with the Krispy name under the cross wires. The handle can be pushed back under the toaster for easy storage. This one shows use and age, but still perfectly good for toasting. It's the American version of the Italian brustolina.

The Krispy Toaster


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Toast and Black Coffee for the Captain

Heavy Duty Stainless Marine Toaster

Made to be used on a galley stove, this toaster is meant for the boating and yachting set, but also suitable for use in an RV or fifth wheel rig with a gas burner. It shows some use.

It has sturdy rods running the length of the toaster and the bottom is a V shape with perforations.

It measures 9" x 4 5/8" x 2". Toast ahoy!

Stainless Steel Marine Toaster


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The Jewel Toaster with Swinging Doors

This non-electric toaster is a fairly scarce oldie made of stamped metal so it has the usual light right. It has an open bottom so the heat travels up and then vented through the sides.

Each door has a knob on top to turn the slice to the opposite side.

It has a nice signature on top of the toaster. Manipulating the knobs is enough to keep the kiddies busy if they are old enough to understand hot.

Androck non electric toaster


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Jewel 4 slice toaster with swinging doors

Sterno on Toast >

Sterno Toaster from New York

This little toaster was made to be used with Sterno Canned Heat. The toaster fit on a frame with the sterno can below the toaster. It is signed along the edge, and it has a folding handle. The bottom of the toaster is nicely finished.

Sterno Toaster from New York

$65 plus $5 shipping

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Skinny Pocket Toaster

I'd never seen a pocket toaster this thin, but you'd have to use thin, squishy bread and not much filling. The pocket is made of formed aluminum with dimples on the inside. This one has red handles with a bale and measures fourteen inches overall length.

Skinny Pocket Toaster
14" overall length


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Very Thin Pocket Sandwiches

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Non Electric Stove Top Toaster

This commonly seen non-electric toaster was meant to be used on a gas or electric stove burner. While there are many other models, this one seems to have been the standard item in the dime store and hardware store.

It is stamped from sheet metal with bent wire perches to hold the bread. The inside is perforated to allow flow of heat to the toasting surfaces. It measure 6 5/8" square and about 5 1/2" high.

Toast when you don't have electricity.

This one is used but clean with minor rust.

Non-electric Stovetop Toaster

$21 plus $5 shipping

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Rooster Play Toaster

Toast for breakfast anyone? This one has two plates to go with it.

Rooster Play Toaster with plates

$28 plus $5 shipping

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Cock-a-doodle doo

Still makes the noise of a wind up toy

Red Play Toaster

I've seen a load of toy toasters, but this is the first one I've found that still make a clicking noise. It's dented and the tin is worn, but it still makes the noise.

Red Play Toaster


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