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Electric Toasters Made in the U.S.A. during the depression years: 1930s

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1930 Jewel Box Toaster

This jewel box of a toaster came out in 1930 as an automatic toaster that would toast both sides of two slices at once. That was pretty fancy back then.

They didn't skimp on the design as evidenced by the wonderful art deco theme.

It has a clockworks timer and a lever to adjust the degree of darkness. When you cock the clock lever, it latches the top and ticks away for a minute or two and then a click and the lid pops open. And, it has some little fingers on the leading edge to lift the toast. Nifty.

The toaster is in excellent condition and comes with a detachable cord set that plugs into the back.

Sunbeam made a matching waffle iron that is shown at the bottom of page 2 for waffle irons.

1930 Jewel Box Toaster
Sunbeam Toast Witch
Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.
Chicago U.S.A.
110-120 Volts 660 Watts

Shipping weight 10 Lbs.


Purchase Information
Sunbeam Toast Witch

Spiderweb design

The Spider Web Toaster from GE

Tiffany Studios made a wonderful table lamp with a spider-web shade in elegant leaded green slag glass. But did you ever think the spider web would wind up on a toaster? Well, gather the goth children around the breakfast table and get loaf of bread and a jar of olive paste (well it HAS to be black!) and prepare a little snack.

The base has a step down design, and the sides have step out raised panels. It is in near perfect condition with only a light scratch or two on one of the doors. It comes comes the original carton and the detachable cord set.

Spider Web Toaster from General Electric
115 Volts 450 Watts Made in U.S.A.
Bridgeport, Conn. Ontario, Calif.

Shipping weight 5 Lbs.


Purchase Information

Another Deco Toaster

Brought to you from St. Louis by the Superior Electric Products Company, another toaster with familiar deco themes, just to make toast.

The doors fold down to reveal standard heating panels. It has tube handles on the doors. a nice profile, and a slick chrome cap on the top of its trapezoidal shape.

The toaster is in very good condition and has an attached cord as shown.

Another Deco Toaster
Superior Electric Prods. Co.
St. Louis, MO

Shipping weight 5 Lbs.


Purchase Information
deco themes

Geometric design in chrome plated doors

Royal-Rochester Toaster with carton

Rochester, New York had been turning out quality metalware for decades and when this toaster was manufactured, Robeson-Rochester Corporation was a top of the line producer.

This manual toaster has a striking geometric design in the chromium doors, contrasting with the black enamel painted frame with black plastic door handles.

It appears to be in unused condition and has only a small paint loss on the skirt. It comes with a detachable cord set and its original carton which is missing a flap and in really ratty condition.

Royal-Rochester Toaster with carton
600 Watts 110-120 Volts
Robeson-Rochester Corporation
Rochester, New York U.S.A.

Shipping weight 5 Lbs.


Purchase Information

Perfect Anniversary Gift

Laureen in Port Angeles bought this model toaster and wrote to say Thank you for the best toaster ever! It is gorgeous!

Patty in Burlington, Indiana bought this toaster and wrote to say Your beautiful Sunbeam Silent Automatic toaster arrived safely yesterday and it's a work of art; I can't stop admiring it. And to think, this beauty even makes toast! To say I'm thrilled with this purchase is an understatement.

Sunbeam Silent Automatic Toaster, mid-1930s

You'd never know that this toaster arrived during the depression years. This statuesque, two-slice toaster is automatic but not pop-up. When the toast is done, the toasting panels turn off automatically. When you want your toast, simply raise the handle. It uses a bimetal timing mechanism rather than a clockworks hence the name "Silent Automatic."

It has been completedly disassembled, derusted, terminals cleaned, nuts and bolts replaced with stainless steel where necessary, the carriage mechanism lubricated, and the bimetal blades calibrated.

The beautiful chrome body with bakelite handles sits on an ornate bakelite base. It features a faceted glass jewel set in the front that glows orange when the toaster is in operation. It comes with a detachable cord set which plugs in at the center of the back.

Sunbeam Silent Automatic Toaster
Chicago Flexible Shaft Company
Chicago U.S.A.
110-120 Volts 875 Watts

Shipping weight 10 Lbs.


Purchase Information

Sunbeam Silent Automatic Toaster circa 1938

In between the T1 and more famous T9, this toaster was made for a short time only; I've seen it advertised in 1938. The distinctive faceted glass jewel set in the face of the toaster glows orange during the toasting cycle.

It is also a pre-pop-up model, so after the toasting cycle has ended automatically according to the light/dark setting, one raises the handle (signed Sunbeam) manually to lift the toast.

I've used this toaster and can attest that if you use a dense, dark whole wheat bread, you'll never have to put it through twice! This toaster is capable of producing lightly toasted fluffy white bread all the way to darkly toasted dense, whole wheat or multi-grain bread. Aside from a small chip, this one is in superb condition, with most sumptuous shoulders. It comes with a detachable cord set that plugs in the back.

Sunbeam Silent Automatic Toaster 1938

Shipping weight 10 Lbs.


Purchase Information
One of the least common of the Sunbeams

The Sunbeam T9 toaster is an example of American manufacturing at its zenith.

Martin in Carson City bought this model toaster and wrote to say The T9 is beautiful and the toast that it renders is crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. The preparation of toast is lost on contemporary toasters. Your integrity in this purchase is appreciated.

Bill in Brentwood, Tennessee bought this model toaster and wrote to say Last year I purchased a Sunbeam T-9 as an anniversary gift for my wife. I just wanted to tell you that she loves it, and so do I. It looks great on the kitchen counter and performs exceptionally well. What more can you ask from a toaster? We look forward to using it for many more years. Thank you so much for restoring these great old machines.

Sunbeam model T-9 automatic pop-up

Peerless for design and quality, the T-9 has an incised design surrounding a glass jewel on the face of the toaster finished with bakelite handles and base. Controls for Light/Dark, as well as "Keeps Toast Warm" or "Pops Toast Up". It has a large, easy-to-open crumb door.

This model is in the permanent design collection of several museums. And, you can have one of your own, or give one as a special gift, clean as a whistle, working as it did originally when it was brand new.

This toaster is fully refurbished and ready to enjoy every day. This is an especially good choice for customers looking for good value, a toaster not made in China, and an alternative to replacing a toaster every year or two. And on a personal note, it is the same model that got me started on Toaster Central.

Sunbeam Corporation
Chicago U.S.A. Toronto, Canada,
110-120 Volts 1100 Watts.

Shipping weight 10 Lbs.

$345 in excellent condition (as shown)
$235 in very good condition

Purchase Information

1934 Toastmaster Automatic Pop-up Toaster

"Cheek to Cheek" by Irving Berlin topped the charts and "42nd Street" was running on Broadway when Toastmaster produced this stunning architectural design with that could have been a Busby Berkeley set! It has a clockwork timer that ticks with settings from light to dark. Remove the bottom cover for crumb extraction.

I found an advertisement for Coca-Cola, encouraging the consumption of Coke for breakfast, and if you look closely behind the coke bottle, you'll see this toaster on the breakfast table.

In fact, is was suggested as a gift for Christmas in the 1935 Sunset magazine.

This one is in good working order and overall good condition, but shows use and wear, and some abuse, mostly a patch of corrosion on the top.

1934 Toastmaster Automatic Pop-up Toaster
McGraw Electric Company
Water-Genters Div. Mpls, Minn. U.S.A.
120 Volts 1200 Watts


Purchase Information
The most beautiful toaster ever made in the U.S.A.

1938 Toastmaster Automatic Pop-up

1938 Toastmaster Automatic Pop Up Toaster

"Begin the Beguine" recorded by Artie Shaw was at the top of the hit parade when when this model Toastmaster was introduced. This toaster has a chrome-plated body incised with parallel lines that wrap around the corners with concentric circles on each side.The base and handles are made of Bakelite.

The top of the toaster slopes toward the push-down lever side. A light/dark knob controls the clockwork timing mechanism. The bottom of the toaster is designed to easily remove the crumbs because the bottom is shaped into a convex curve with openings formed at either end, so one can simply hold the toaster over the sink and with a tap and a blow, remove the crumbs. For a more thorough cleaning, the bottom comes off easily with two thumb screws. The slots measure five inches long, three-quarters of an inch wide, and four and a half inches deep.

This one is in very good condition with minor cosmetic flaws on the mirror finish. It has been fitted with a new replacement cord and molded plug and works just fine.

Toastmaster Automatic Pop Up Toaster
McGraw Electric Company,
Toastmaster Products Div. Elgin, Ill.
110 Volts 10 Amps.

Shipping weight 9 Lbs.


Purchase Information

1939 Manning-Bowman Toaster

Manning-Bowman & Company had huge factories in Meriden, Connecticut, craftsmen in metal since 1864. They produced this toaster with beautiful chromium plating in 1939 with a concentric geometric design.

This one is in very good condition. It comes with a detachable cord set which plugs into the side of the toaster.

1939 Manning-Bowman Toaster
110-120 Volts 420 Watts
Manning-Bowman & Co.
Meriden, Conn. U.S.A.

Shipping weight 5 Lbs.


Purchase Information
Circular Geometric Design

Art Deco Toaster

The Riverside Junior from Ypsilanti

I can't say I'd recommend it as a daily user, but this very stylish toaster will still make toast. But it is better suited as a gift for the art deco enthusiast or toaster collector. It is interesting for its streamlined shape, with a stylized lightning bolt design in the door. The body is aluminum, the interior has vertically laced spiral heating wire and the base is painted.

This one is in very good condition with an attached cord.

The Riverside Junior
Riverside Mfg. Co. Ypsilanti, Mi.
110 Volts 550 Watts

Shipping weight 4 Lbs.


Purchase Information

The Beaumonde by Universal

Universal made whole sets of matching appliances and this toaster is from the style they called the Beaumonde. It was on the market in the mid-1930s along with both vacuum and percolator coffee makers, waffle iron, grill and oven-style toaster.

This is a Turn Easy toaster that will flip each slice to the opposite side when you open and close the door. The styling is subtle both on the top and the sides of the toaster.

This one is in excellent condition. It comes with a detachable cord set.

The Beaumonde by Universal
110-125 Volts 550 Watts Made in U.S.A.
Meridan, Conn. U.S.A.

Shipping weight 5 Lbs.


Purchase Information
Refined styling in chrome

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