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1920s through 1960s and beyond

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About Knapp-Monarch Corn Poppers

Knapp Monarch made very high quality poppers, all with the popping bowl permanently attached to a heavy duty, sealed heating element (known as a two-piece popper, the bowl/base and the lid). We offer several versions for sale, and they all have the same heating element regardless of external styling.

Knapp-Monarch 2.5 Quart Popcorn Popper - Early model

This early model has "stand-off" handles; made of turned walnut. The body sits on a lantern ring base, This model is shown in a print ad from 1940 but I'll bet it was also in production in the late 1930s.

This two-piece model is in very good condition, comes with a facsimile of original instructions and our instructions and detachable cord set. It is ready to make fresh, fragrant popcorn for your family, friends and neighbors.

Knapp-Monarch 2.5 Quart Popcorn Popper - Early model
Knapp-Monarch Co. St. Louis, MO. U.S.A.
115 V. 450 W.

Shipping weight: 9 lbs.


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Quality made in The Show Me State

Cadillac Quality in a Corn Popper

Knapp-Monarch Popcorn Popper with Pyrex Lid

When we first opened this model for service, we were surpised by the high quality of components -- an expensive sealed ceramic type heating element (something rarely found on other poppers) and the precision made pressed steel assembly to house the internal parts. Even the exterior is high quality with large brown Bakelite feet and oversize Bakelite handles which attach to a reinforcing plate on the wall of the cooking well.

This one is in excellent condition and has a Pyrex lid which is a replacement of the original. It comes with the original art silk cord set and a facsimile of the original instructions.

Knapp-Monarch CO.
St Louis, MO. U.S.A.
115 V 450 W
Cat No. 12-501


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Knapp-Monarch 2.5 Quart Popcorn Popper - Third Version

This is the third version of the company's high quality, two piece, non-automatic poppers. Like its predecessors this model is absolutely tops in quality and performance. It was advertised in 1949. It measures approximately 9 inches high, 11 inches wide across the handles and makes about 2.5 quarts of popcorn per popping.

This example is in excellent, nearly new condition, and comes with a detachable cord and a facimile of the original instructions, plus our own popping tips.

Knapp-Monarch 2.5 Quart Popcorn Popper - Third Version
Knapp Monarch Co. St Louis, MO. USA
115 V 450W

Shipping weight: 9 lbs.


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Quality made in St. Louis, Missouri

Made in Rushville, Indiana

Hostess Sandwich Toaster

This ceramic electric sandwich grill is remarkable for the pearlescent glaze and classy shape. It sports a gold signature applied to a panel on the front apron and features a large and sturdy lid handle for easy, safe operation.

The lid hinges are slotted to accommodate a fat sandwich or thin one and the lid will stand up straight when opened.

This one has been cleaned and rewired and comes with a detachable cord set which plugs into the side.

Hostess Sandwich Toaster
All Rite Co. Rushville, Ind.
110 Volts 400 Watts

Shipping Weight: 7 Lbs


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This is the classiest sandwich grill ever!

Star-Rite Sandwich Toaster

The grill plates measure six inches square on this sandwich grill. The handles, knob, feet and switch are all original and undamaged.

The design is stunning. The Bakelite handles are octagonal with a turning in the center, and attach to arms with fine coining in an acanthus or feather design, I can't quite tell. The base has open work on the front (it looks like an old Buick grill.) It sits on Bakelite feet that scroll outward from each corner. There is a large switch on the right side marked ON and OFF with feathered arrows in each direction. The graceful arm supports the pivoting lid and ends with a large octagonal knob. And, the arm and lid are balanced to conveniently stand upright.

This piece is fully refurbished with new internal wiring and it is in very good condition with a spot of thin plating on the lid and minor blemishes on the bracket for the arm.

Star-Rite Sandwich Toaster
The Fitzgerald Mfg. Co. Torrington, Conn.
Watts 450 Volts 110 Made in U.S.A.

Shipping Weight: 7 Lbs


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Oster Electric Meat Grinder

In the 1940s-1950s Oster sold this massive commercial quality power unit which takes a number of attachments. The most popular attachment was the meat grinder pictured here, and the only attachment we have. This appliance would allow you to know exactly what's in the hamburger you serve to your family.

This is the most powerful non-commercial grinder we have ever found and is much sought after by sportsmen to process deer, elk and other game meat or individuals who wish to save money by custom blending their own ground meats.

The 3.1 amp motor powers a heavy reduction gear box housed inside a substantial cast housing measuring approximately 11 across the base by 9 inches high. With grinder attachment installed the total height is 12 inches. A large thumbwheel secures the grinder to the base, and it is a snap to remove the grinder for cleaning.

This piece is in very good condition with a few minor spots of paint loss. If you do a lot of meat processing you will not find a stronger more substantial or efficient unit. It comes fitted with the fine screen and cutter blade, the food pusher and a facsimile of the original booklet.

You can order additional screens in coarse and extra-coarse or a replacement cutter blade for $25 each, or $30 if purchased separately from the grinder.

Oster Electric Power Unit with Meat Grinder
115 Volts AC or DC 3.1 Amps 340 Watts
John Oster Manufacturing Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Shipping weight: 13 Lbs.

$75 (as shown)
$100 in mint condition

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Perfect for a hunter and home butcher

Beautiful Stainless Steel inside and out.

Presto Coffee Percolator

The sleek stainless steel styling belies how utterly functional this percolator is for making coffee. It is easy to use and even easier to clean. That's because it is completely submersible so you can dunk the whole thing in the dishpan, and because the vessel is stainless steel, it just takes the swipe of a sponge.

I grew up with a percolator like this one, and over the years watched it make an ocean of coffee while mom served up a wedge of her butterscotch meringue pie or coconut layer cake made with a freshly grated coconut.

It is in very good condition, with some fading to the Presto label. It brews nine cups of piping hot coffee in a jiffy.

Presto Coffee Percolator
National Presto Industries, Inc.
Eau Claire, Wisconsin U.S.A.
115 Volts, 500 Watts.

Shipping weight 7 Lbs.


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Electric Citrus Reamer -- The Sunkist Juic-iT

I found one of these at a flea market many years ago. I took it home, cleaned it up and darned if it didn't work just fine. In the 1980s I got invited to more than a few Sunday brunches if I'd bring my Juic-iT with which the host produced mimosas in quantity.

This one is in very good condition with cream enamel over steel, a chrome plated collar at the top of the cylinder shape, a chrome plated base and rubber feet.

There is an on/off toggle switch at the back and it is fitted with a new cord.

I still use mine and it's a breeze to use and clean. The reamer head lifts off, then milk glass bowl and strainer lift off, and lastly a metal tongue that fits over the central post. I can wash and dry the four pieces before I've finished my glass of juice.

It is in very good condition with paint loss to the name badge.

It has been disassembled, the motor serviced, new wiring installed and it is ready to turn oranges into juice by the quart.

Electric Citrus Reamer

Shipping weight 11 lbs.


Purchase Information
Electric citrus reamer makes fresh orange juice a daily pleasure

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