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1920s through 1960s and beyond

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Cory Electric Knife Sharpener

If you enjoy cooking, you know the pleasure of a good sharp paring knife. This small machine makes it easy to always have a sharp blade.

This one comes with the original carton and original instructions. I've tested it on my own paring knives and it is working properly. The cord stores in a little compartment underneath one end.

Cory Electric Knife Sharpener
Cory Corporation Chicago U.S.A.
115 Volts .9 Amps for AC Only UL

Shipping Weight: 6 Lbs


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Keep your paring knife sharp all the time

Fresh orange juice in a snap

Electric Citrus Reamer

Juice a whole bag of oranges in a snap with this citrus reamer. Simply press down on the reamer head to activate the motor.

And, it is a snap to clean. The plastic spouted bowl, the strainer, and the porcelain reamer head all lift off for an easy rinse.

Electric Citrus Reamer
Proctor-Silex Inc.
Phila. PA Made in U.S.A.
120 Volts 1.75 Amps 125 Watts AC Only UL Listed

Shipping weight: 6 Lbs.


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1922 Hotpoint Percolator

This elegant percolator was on the market in 1922 being sold as an electrical "servant", along with an electric toaster, waffle iron and table stove. Mother gets to be at the table and not in the kitchen.

The base is set on three legs with fiber feet and the vessel rises in eight flaring panels to a circular shoulder, neck and a hinged lid with glass aerator on top. It has a black ebonized handle and comes with a vintage cord set.

To make coffee start with cold water, insert the stem over a generously large heating element in the bottom, add the coffee to the basket, and place it on the stem, put the spreader top on the basket, and close the lid.

Plug it in and smell the aroma of fresh coffee brewing as it gurgles. Let it percolate for about seven or eight minutes, a bit longer if for a stronger brew. Unplug the percolator and serve the coffee piping hot, delicious and aromatic.

This one was lightly used and very well cared for. I like the design so well that I turned one missing the guts into a desk lamp.

1922 Hotpoint Percolator
110 Volts 400 Watts
Edison Electric Appliance Co. Inc. Ontario, Calif. Made in U.S.A.

Shipping Weight: 5 Lbs


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1922 Hotpoint electric percolator

Perfect for a hunter and home butcher

Oster Electric Meat Grinder

In the 1940s-1950s Oster sold this massive commercial quality power unit which takes a number of attachments. The most popular attachment was the meat grinder pictured here, and the only attachment we have. This appliance would allow you to know exactly what's in the hamburger you serve to your family.

This is the most powerful non-commercial grinder we have ever found and is much sought after by sportsmen to process deer, elk and other game meat or individuals who wish to save money by custom blending their own ground meats.

The 3.1 amp motor powers a heavy reduction gear box housed inside a substantial cast housing measuring approximately 11 across the base by 9 inches high. With grinder attachment installed the total height is 12 inches. A large thumbwheel secures the grinder to the base, and it is a snap to remove the grinder for cleaning.

This piece is in very good condition with a few minor spots of paint loss. If you do a lot of meat processing you will not find a stronger more substantial or efficient unit. It comes fitted with the fine screen and cutter blade, the food pusher and a facsimile of the original booklet.

You can order additional screens in coarse and extra-coarse or a replacement cutter blade for $25 each, or $30 if purchased separately from the grinder.

Oster Electric Power Unit with Meat Grinder
115 Volts AC or DC 3.1 Amps 340 Watts
John Oster Manufacturing Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Shipping weight: 13 Lbs.

$95 (as shown)
$125 in mint condition

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Star-Rite Sandwich Toaster

The grill plates measure six inches square on this sandwich grill. The handles, knob, feet and switch are all original and undamaged.

The design is stunning. The Bakelite handles are octagonal with a turning in the center, and attach to arms with fine coining in an acanthus or feather design, I can't quite tell. The base has open work on the front (it looks like an old Buick grill.) It sits on Bakelite feet that scroll outward from each corner. There is a large switch on the right side marked ON and OFF with feathered arrows in each direction. The graceful arm supports the pivoting lid and ends with a large octagonal knob. And, the arm and lid are balanced to conveniently stand upright.

This piece is fully refurbished with new internal wiring and it is in excellent condition.

Star-Rite Sandwich Toaster
The Fitzgerald Mfg. Co. Torrington, Conn.
Watts 450 Volts 110 Made in U.S.A.

Shipping Weight: 7 Lbs


Purchase Information
This is the classiest sandwich grill ever!

Beautiful Stainless Steel inside and out.

Presto Coffee Percolator

The sleek stainless steel styling belies how utterly functional this percolator is for making coffee. It is easy to use and even easier to clean. That's because it is completely submersible so you can dunk the whole thing in the dishpan, and because the vessel is stainless steel, it just takes the swipe of a sponge.

I grew up with a percolator like this one, and over the years watched it make an ocean of coffee while mom served up a wedge of her butterscotch meringue pie or coconut layer cake made with a freshly grated coconut.

Still in excellent condition, this one brews nine cups of piping hot coffee in a jiffy. They dubbed it the SuperSpeed.

Presto Coffee Percolator
National Presto Industries, Inc.
Eau Claire, Wisconsin U.S.A.
115 Volts, 500 Watts.

Shipping weight 7 Lbs.


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The Breakfaster

This compact appliance serves as a hotplate for cooking cereal or eggs or percolating a few cups of coffee. The lore is that it is related to the American penchant for travel in personal automobiles across the nation's roads, and the lodging accommodations of a small cabin, and perhaps one of these Breakfasters. And, the front door opens with a little tray to make a slice of toast.

The body measures seven by nine inches and five inches high; add a couple of inches for the side handles. The utility of this object is less important than its striking design. 'Nuff said. This one is in excellent condition.

The Breakfaster
115 Volts 750 Watts
Caulkins Appliance Co.
Niles, Michigan U.S.A.
Valley City, N.D.


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gizmo for slicing bagels

The Bagel Trap

Here is a modern gizmo to go with your vintage toaster. It is a device for slicing bagels into various widths, including thin enough to fit in a vintage toaster. It's modern, it's plastic, it comes with the original carton and helps avoid injury while carving up a bagel.

The Bagel Trap
Irvine, Calif.


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Miller's All-Width Bread Slicer

Is there someone in your house who can ruin a loaf of bread with just a regular slicing knife, hacking uneven slices and leaving a badly abused shape? This slicing knife comes with adjustable guide to make cutting even slices a snap. The guide is tightly fitted but easily adjustable to the desired width. It comes with the original beat up carton with some tips for using the knife with light, sawing pressure. The serated blade is still very sharp. The carton says it's for left-handed slicing, too, by mounting the guide on the other side of the blade. Ingenious!

Miller's All-Width Bread Slicer
Miller & Sons
Valley City, N.D.


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Neatness counts.

Crumb Sweeper

Back when, toasters were used at the breakfast table. So, to tidy up the crumbs, here is the fancy version of a silent butler -- you just gently roll the sweeper, and its little brushes pick up the crumbs. Little flaps open to empty the contents. Just the thing for the toast lover who has everything.

Manning-Bowman Crumb Sweeper

Shipping Weight: 2 Lbs.


Purchase Information

Swiss Crumb Sweeper

Here is another little crumb sweeper. I don't know of it's origin or age, but it seems to be a type of plastic with nylon wheels and brushes. I'd guess 1940s or 1950s. I had a customer from the Swiss Embassy who recognized the bird character on the top, pecking up crumbs, so lacking any better information, I'll call it Swiss.

Swiss Crumb Sweeper

Shipping Weight: 2 Lbs.


Purchase Information
Possibly from Switzerland

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